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* Weld Coupon Abrasive Cutter

* Guided Bend Testing Machine

* Back Strap Removal Tool

* Weld Test Stand


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WTB-HRA/3 Manual




Electrical 1 H.P. 110 volt, self-contained hydraulic system, 15 amp.

Bending Moment By Hydraulic motor and gearing

Clamping Vice Specially constructed of heat treated, alloy steel with replaceable serrated jaws

Bending Radii Quick change tooling supplied (as standard equipment) for 1 1/2 bending diameter

Dimensions Table Length - 33",
Height -45"

Weight 375 lbs.

Model No. WTB - HRA/3



 Guided Bend
Testing Machine



Performs guided bend specimens by the alternatve wrap-around method

Bending arm is powered with hydraulic motor, eliminating blown circuits and motor failure

Conveniently plugs into 110 volt outlet for self-contained hydraulic system

Heavy, rugged construction provides long service life under most adverse conditions

Equipment is available with quick change tooling for different bending radii. (It is not necessary to have different male and female dies for a change of radii as with conventional equipment).

Radii posts are made of rugged, heat treated alloy for long service life.

Specimens are formed to a uniform 180 degree bend.

This equipment eliminates "undue stress" on the specimen during the bending operation.

 Video requires free Quicktime Player which may be downloaded HERE.

U.S. Patent 3906784


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