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Welder Training and Qualification Coupons

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* Weld Test Pipe Coupons

* Test Plates

* Weld Backing Straps

* Economy in Welder Training

* 2" SCH 80 X 4" Long, Beveled Both Ends

* 2-3/4"O.D. x 5/8" wall Monster Coupon

* Procedure Qualification Materials


For convenient handling and storage, all Weld Test Products are packaged and palletized on two-way pallets.


Features of Triangle Engineering Test Coupons

  * Triangle pipe and plate coupons for procedure and performance qualifications are an economical alternative to flame cutting and grinding or manually machining bevels on your test coupons.

* Economical because Triangle purchases truck load quantities of pipe and plate materials directly from mill sources. With over an acre of secured paved storage area, large volume purchasing allows for low cost raw materials. With a minimum of heat numbers. Providing traceability consistent with Triangle Engineering's quality control manual.

* A specially designed material handling system & high production automatic sawing capabilities insures rapid quality cutting.

* Mill heat numbers are continually striped on pipe and plate products for complete traceability to the producing mill.

* Machined bevels on pipe coupons from 2" nps through 10" nps are accomplished by state-of-the-art robotic loading cnc lathes. Coupons are continuously checked for bevel angle, minimum wall thickness, counterbore diameter, land thickness and other dimensions as detailed on controlled drawings.

* Most stocked A106 GR B pipe coupons are beveled 37 1/2 degrees with .040 land and counterbored on the I.D.. For 1/2" deep on both ends of the 4" length of pipe. I.D. counterbores are controlled to plus or minus .010" for consistent fit-up, allowing backing rings to snap into place with .0" gap.

* Triangle stocks some of the more common sizes of backing rings rolled specially to fit the counterbored pipe coupons. These split type rings are made from ASTM A109 T4 material with long spacers which are easily removed after tack welding.

* Training welders can become less expensive by using 6 SCH 80 by 2" long beveled on both ends and counterbored on the I.D., providing a clean surface for open butt welding with gas tungsten arc process. When stacked in multiples, provide a good heat sink allowing the welder to rotate the assembly and work on the more difficult out-of-position areas encountered in the 5G welding position. 6 SCH 80 training coupons provide over 20 inches of linear welding groove to train on.

* Pipe coupons are available in many diameters, schedules, grades of material and weld joint preparations. Our NEW Monster Coupon is 2-3/4" O.D. x 5/8" wall A106B material. This Welder Qualification coupon can save up to 80% weld time and material vs. 6XXH coupons. The monster coupon will qualify for unlimited thickness as small as 1" O.D. using two weld processes.

* Plate coupons for structural welder performance qualifications are stocked in two thicknesses of ASTM A36 flat bar. 3/8" THK. X 7" long x 4" wide for limited qualification, and 1" THK. X 6" long x 4" wide for unlimited thickness qualification for both AWS and ASME welding codes. The plate coupons are continuously machine saw cut at 22-1/2 or 37-1/2 degrees, affording bevels on both long sides of the coupon and a direction of rolling grain perpendicular to the weld axis for favorable bending characteristics. 1/4" x 1" x 8" A36 backing bars are nominally supplied for destructive qualification or 1/4" x 3" x 8" A36 backing bar for radiographic testing. We have recently added 1/2" THK x 7" long x 4" wide A36 plate coupons to our stock to meet unlimited thickness requirements for the new ASME IX code change.

* Although ASME section 1X QW 423 allows A106 GR B/P1 base materials to be substituted for P numbers 3 through 11 and P4X (P41, 42, 43, 44, 45) for welder performance qualification, Triangle Engineering also has stock in aluminum, low alloy, stainless, Inconel, Incoloy pipe and plate coupons for those critical jobs where welder experience on the actual base material can be crucial.

* To certify welding procedures, ASME section IX QW-211 allows the use of plate material to qualify welding of pipe and other components. Triangle stocks 3/8" thick x 5" wide x 12" long plate coupons machine beveled on one 12" side at 37-1/2 degree and 1-1/2" x 5" x 12" with a compound bevel 37-1/2 for 3/4" and balance of 10 degree. These two sizes of procedure qualification plate coupons are stocked in most "P" number group materials ready for immediate shipment. Material type, grade, heat number and direction of rolling are vibroetched on each piece for complete traceability. The 3/8" and 1 1/2" THK procedure plate coupons combined can qualify a thickness range from 1/16" minimum to 8" maximum.

* Plate or pipe coupons for welding or brazing. Procedure or performance qualifications are available in small and large quantities from stocked standards in our warehouse and are securely palletized to prevent damage during shipment.

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