Company Services

WELD COUPONS: We are a manufacturer of weld test materials, commonly called “weld coupons”, for welder performance qualification and carry a complete line of procedure test materials covering all welding codes. Mill test reports are provided with each shipment and a large variety of materials are carried in-stock, ready for shipment.

DESTRUCTIVE TEST EQUIPMENT: Our line of destructive test equipment expedites the qualification of procedure and performance weld test assemblies in accordance with the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel, American Welding Society, and other applicable welding codes.

TESTING & QUALIFICATION SERVICES: We also provide a full range of destructive and nondestructive testing and welder certification services at our facility, which are utilized by many organizations within the industry.

WELD ENGINEERING CONSULTING: As a value added service, our weld engineering and consulting has proven highly valuable as related to the application of a wide variety of procedure qualification materials.