Destructive Test Equipment & Test Stand


Weld Coupon​ ​Abrasive Cutter

2015 Cutter Ad

  • Removes guided bend test specimens to exact dimensions in a matter of seconds.
  • No grinding necessary except to remove weld build up and apply radius to specimen.
  • Specimens removed in accordance with ASME, AWS, API and other applicable codes.
  • Tooling fixtures available for pipe from 2″ sch. 5 to 10″ sch. 160 and plate up to 1.5″ thick.
  • Equipment design allows safe operation by personnel with limited operating instructions.
  • Cutting operation cannot be initiated until all safety interlocks are engaged (doors, blower).
  • All operations initiated from a central control panel and may be stopped at any time.
  • Hot cutting waste is deposited in a specially constructed grit receptacle.


Price Sheet  Manual Model# WTC-20HR Time Study Information

U.S. Patent 3892089

Hydraulic Wrap Around Bender

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  • Performs guided bend testing of weld specimen using the wrap-around method.
  • Specimens are consistently formed to a uniform 180 degree bend.
  • Wrap-around method eliminates “undue stress” on specimen during bending.
  • Bending arm is powered with hydraulic motor, eliminating blown circuits and motor failure.
  • Conveniently plugs into 110 volt outlet for self-contained hydraulic system.
  • Heavy, rugged construction provides long service life under most adverse conditions.
  • Bending posts available from .125″ to 3.75″ diameter for various code requirements.
  • Quick change tooling design makes interchanging bending posts fast and convenient.
  • Bending posts are made of rugged, heat treated alloy and pressure rollers are made of hardened tool steel.


Price Sheet  Manual Model# WTB-HRA/14

U.S. Patent 3906784

Back Strap Removal​ ​Tool


  • Greatly reduces preparation time of weld test specimens prior to bend testing.
  • Reduces costs by eliminating grinders, grinding wheels and fixtures, barricades and electrical consumption.
  • Single holding fixture accommodates complete range of test straps; face, root, side bends, and sub-size specimens.
  • Safety deflectors discharge sparks and grinding waste into a built-in receptacle (or can be integrated into collection system).
  • Highly functional design provides a more rapid, uniform, and quality surface prep of bend test specimens.
  • Eliminates the unsafe, inconsistent and often detrimental results that are experienced with the use of “hand held tools”.


Price Sheet  Manual Model# BSRT-15/10

Weld Test Stand Assembly

2015 WTS AD

  •  Allows for quick secure clamping and positioning of pipe or plate test assemblies.
  •  Pipe fixtures hold up to a 10″ schedule 160 pipe and are adjustable to all test positions.
  •  Plate fixtures hold up to 1-1/2″ thick plate and are adjustable to all test positions.
  •  Total adjust-ability up, down, left and right keeps welders comfortable in any position.
  •  Pipe and plate fixtures are sold separately and can be held securely in any bench vise.
  •  Pipe fixtures constructed with integral gas purging capability.
  •  Gas purge caps available for 3/8″ – 1/2″ – 3/4″ – 1″ – 2″ – 6″ NPS and 2-3/4″ OD pipe.


Price Sheet  Manual Model# WTS-ASSY/1